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Frank is a documentary filmmaker, director and cinematographer.

He is founder of Alopex Studio, a video production company based in Reykjavík, Iceland.
Alopex Studio focuses on outdoor and nature related video content.

In 2022 Frank produced the documentary 'In A State Of Change' together with Donal Boyd, which has been selected for multiple upcoming international film festivals, including Reykjavík Film Festival and Bolton Film Festival. And won best 'international documentary' at New Renaissance Film Festival.

Frank has studied 'Audiovisual Techniques' with a specialisation in Film Editing at the RITCS school of Arts in Brussels Belgium. 

He gained a lot of experience working multiple years as a freelance editor for TV and Advertisements.
During the early years of his career he started picking up the camera himself more often to get more involved in the creative process.

Currently Frank is mostly focused on documentary film making and the human or personal approach of storytelling.