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A documentary about the changing Icelandic landscape through the eyes of a photographer.

As climate change shrinks the Icelandic glaciers, a photographer struggles with the impact of his advocacy work. How do we communicate the most critical issue of our time? Follow Donal Boyd on his journey to discover the role of beauty in nature and the implications of the changing landscape around him. Along the way we meet a writer, a glacier guide, scientists, and a lifetime resident living by a glacier, all connected in some way to the disappearing glaciers.

Runtime 27min


Directed by Donal Boyd and Frank Nieuwenhuis
Executive Producer Adorama Inc.
Associate Producers Irwin Rommel, Mary-Irene Marek, Sal D’Alia
Produced by Donal Boyd Studio & Alopex Studio
DOP Frank Nieuwenhuis
Cinematography Frank Nieuwenhuis, Donal Boyd, Sal D’Alia
Music by Tom Hannay, Janus Rasmussen, Sakaris Emil Joensen
Aerial Cinematography Donal Boyd, Kieran Baxter, Frank Nieuwenhuis
Editing by Frank Nieuwenhuis
Colorist Frank Nieuwenhuis
Sound Design & Mix Stan Nieuwenhuis
Graphic Design Kristof Vanhoorebeek